Frequently Asked Questions


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Who is Ben?

本是海尔格·鲁宾斯坦的儿子,1983年本饼干的创始人. 她的好朋友昆汀·布莱克爵士,多年前为澳门十大正规平台画了以本为主角的logo.

What's in a Ben's cookie?

Only the finest ingredients sourced as locally as possible.

Where are the cookies made?


Do you do mail order cookies?

澳门十大正规平台很高兴地告诉您,您现在可以在网上订购(英国)全国交货. Please click on the link on the homepage or visit: sjkf.net/shop

Are our cookies suitable for vegetarians?

澳门十大正规平台的饼干适合素食者,现在澳门十大正规平台也提供素食饼干. 澳门十大正规平台的素食系列正在稳步发展,澳门十大正规平台将很快推出更多美味的素食口味.

Does our butter contain Bovine Growth Hormone?

Our butter is free from bovine growth hormone (also known as BGH).

What chocolate is used in our cookies?

Our cookies contain the best quality chocolate. 澳门十大正规平台的白巧克力直接来自比利时,黑巧克力和牛奶巧克力来自一家在英国生产的瑞士/比利时公司.

How long do Ben's Cookies last?

A Ben’s cookie is best eaten within 4 days of purchase.

Is our chocolate fair trade?

Our chocolate is not fair trade.

Can our cookies be frozen?


What is the nutritional breakdown of our cookies?

See nutritional information here.

Are our cookies suitable for coeliacs?




Do our cookies contain hydrogenated fats?

No our cookies are free from hydrogenated fats.

Do our cookies contain palm oil?

是的,澳门十大正规平台的饼干含有经过认证的可持续棕榈油,作为澳门十大正规平台使用的人造黄油的副成分. It is also an ingredient in the Peanut Butter cookies.

Are the cookies alcohol free?


Are the cookies free from Shellac?

Yes, all our cookies are free from Shellac.

Questions about your (UK) Nationwide order?

Email us at [email protected] or read our Nationwide Shipping Policy here.

Do you accept cash in your UK stores?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of our stores are only accepting card and contactless payments. Please check our stores page for details.

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